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Digital marketing process is a comprehensive way to promote business online and expand its wings across the world. However, every small to large level enterprise has been adopting digital marketing trends nowadays and trying to earn from it. There are many digital marketing companies operating in the industry, which claim to do best branding of business online and get maximum profit for that. The digital marketing process involves varied steps, which are essential to know how online marketing campaign works well in the promotion of business over the web.Digital Marketing Process

Digital Marketing Process

  1. Online Visibility of Business

To get online visibility of business, it is essential to opt right ways such as develop a business website, blog post site, business ads, displayer banners, etc. With these marketing collaterals, you can easily get visibility of business over the web.


  1. Generating potential traffic for business

After getting online visibility for business, you need to promote all marketing collaterals online through potential channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In, etc. It will help you generate more traffic for your business online and also take it in reach of potential clients worldwide.


  1. Make customer engagement plans

Developing business website is not enough to get profit of digital marketing process; you need to make more customer engagement plans such as online promotion of website to generate immense traffic. Moreover, you should make attractive online marketing campaigns to divert visitors towards your website. Add more influential facts and offers on the site that can fascinate online customers to click on them at least once.

  1. Lead Generation for business

It is the ultimate goal for digital marketing campaign for online business. In this way, online marketers generate two types of leads such as Micro leads and Macro leads.

Micro Leads:

In this type of leads, online customers clicks on ads or marketing collaterals of your business or download  information to know about them fullest. They might be interested in buying product or service later or not.

Macro Leads:

In this type of leads, customers might get interested to buy product or service online or go for a free trial. If customer would like the item, then he or she will purchase the item later. Thus, Macro leads give more probability to convert traffic into potential business leads.

Digital Marketing Process

  1. Calculation of ROI

The money spent in developing online marketing campaign of business should be reviewed properly. Thus, it will help you calculate total ROI of business and let you know about sales of business as well as profit you earned from digital marketing campaigns designed for business.

Thus, above are few potential digital marketing processes that are necessary to be followed or keep in mind while promoting business online.

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