List out some of the useful online marketing tools


Most internet marketers use online marketing tools, which help them boost online visibility of business and divert visitors towards business website easily. Besides, online marketing tools are useful in tracking rate of business growth, add images, analytics, site map, etc., on the website. Usually, Google store is flooded with a wide range of free and paid online marketing tools which you can add to the business website and can enhance its functionality and monitor its progress in the online marketing world.

Some of the useful online marketing tools are:

Online Marketing tools

Google Analytics: It is a most useful analytical internet service that you can apply on the business website and track its performance or growth rate over the web. Using Google analytic tool, you can track your website’s growing rate, sale graph, lead generation rate, and much more. Thus, you can do needful amendments on the business website and can make useful for online marketing accordingly.

Digital Point Keyword Tracker:  This is a perfect SEO tool used to track the ranking of the keyword on potential search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can add this tool to your website and can easily track the ranking of keywords on Google search.

Crazy Egg Heat Maps: It helps online marketers to get useful tracking tool like Heat Map that enables to monitor the online operation of the website. Moreover, this tool lets you know how online visitors engage with the website and use it for the intended purpose.

Keyword Discovery: This tool enables you to improvise online marketing efforts and get better outcomes for online businesses.  It provides aid in varied search engine optimization works for a business website and also helps online businesses and visitors to find relevant details of searchable keywords, products, and services over the web.

StumbleUpon: It is a form of web search engine that helps you find intended contents like videos, photos, and rate web pages as per their performance over Google search.  Also, this application helps in increasing ranking of the website as well as gets more traffic for it.

XML Sitemap Generator: This tool enhances the performance of website over search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Besides, it improves functionality all pages of your website or any other changes made to it. Moreover, XML sitemap helps in indexing pages of the website, which have lower search ability over Google search.

Favicon Generator: Using this tool, you can create favicon on your website.  Favicon means favorite icon or image that you can create on the website at the sidebar, browser’s location bar, and at bookmarking menu on the site.

Submit Express Link Popularity: This tool lets you know how popular your website is over the web as well as its ranking in Google search.

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