How to Create an SEO Audit Report for Your Clients


The first step in working with a new SEO client is creating an SEO audit report.

An SEO audit helps you judge this state of the client’s web site and make a roadmap for enhancements. you’ll see wherever the shopper is succeeding, failing, and creating mistakes. And within the method, you get the knowledge you wish to make a client-facing document that describes issues and what you may do to repair them.

SEO audit report

As you’re taking on your next project, use this SEO audit template to make a report that may
guide your method, assist you to collect relevant data, and build trust between you and your purchases.

What to Include in an SEO Audit Report

An SEO audit report serves 2 major purposes:

  1. Guiding your work
  2. Educating the shopper

As you bear associate SEO audit listing, produce a document that outlines what you wish to try and do and clearly explains the work to the shop.

Many clients don’t have in depth information about SEO, therefore it’s your job to coach them. Use your audit to clarify SEO by:

  • Listing SEO factors in recognizable classes.
  • Describing what every SEO issue is and why it matters.
  • Indicating whether or not the client’s web site meets the standards for the issue. you will note this as a “pass” if the positioning meets the standards or a “fail” if there’s a haul that must be resolved.
  • Explaining what action arrange is required to resolve the matter because it specifically relates to the client’s web site.

By adding this data to your report, the audit helps the shopper begin to grasp SEO, see you’re arranging, and find an honest consider the state of their web site.

So begin SEO comes with a model that has an inventory of SEO factors and descriptions. Then for every new shopper, fill the report with information that relates specifically to their sites.

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