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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website for better search engine results.

These are the 7 points to make website SEO Strategy:-

Web Analytics & Insight

Statistical analysis provides insight into website traffic, popular content and visitor behavior. Which helps to frame SEO strategy?


Primary and secondary keywords are selected to focus page content and drive traffic. Keywords are chosen based on relevance, search volume and competition.


Content is updated to include SEO-friendly features. Some of these on-page elements can include keywords, all tags, anchor text, and formatting Off-page elements could include Meta data.

SEO strategy

Usability and Design

Web design and page layout are reviewed to ensure optimal user experience. The priority of information, organization and clarity of design are all factors that affect usability.

Site Architecture

The structure of a site is assessed for simplicity and ease to use. Areas such as page hierarchy and site navigation are reviewed for accessibility.

Site Optimization

Improving the SEO of your website takes time and strategy. Like interlocking gears, your plan requires regular maintenance, with the goal of achieving greater prominence for your site.

Link Building

Incoming links help promote your site, drive traffic and increase page rank. Key components of finding good links are relevance and quality.


  1. Use keywords in your images.
  2. Make the website about 1 thing.
  3. Links to another website with relevant content.
  4. Content write like a human.
  5. Do not change your domain name.
  6. Have other websites links to you.
  7. To make sure website is indexed in Search engines.
  8. Update your website time to time.
  9. Remove anything that slows down your website.
  10. Links to internal linking in your pages.

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