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On-Page SEO – How you are optimizing your blog to rank first page of google and get more traffic your blog. If you want to be visible to your target audience and see the increase performance of your website, then you need to stay up date with Search Engine Optimization.

In On-Page SEO most important aspect of online marketing in SEO. And, one of the indispensable ranges you have to center in it is On-Page SEO.


On-Page SEO contains of all the interior parts of your web site that are optimized to form it additional search-engine friendly.

In this article, we’ve got gathered up the most factors that you just ought to detain mind and lay stress on whereas doing On-Page SEO of your web site.

1 Page Titles

Your page title (meta-title) assumes a fundamental part in your SEO technique. Your page and posts both ought to have suitable and one of a kind titles. It ought to incorporate the principle catchphrases of your page. The more advanced and alluring it will look the more number of snaps you are probably going to get. Also, more number of snaps your post gets, the higher it will rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

On-page seo

You ought not rehash a similar catchphrase in your title tag as it hampers your positioning. A Page title which contains the focal thought of your substance dependably works to your greatest advantage. It is additionally prescribed to keep the length of the title under 70 characters.

2 Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are shown on SERPs and help you draw in the searcher to visit your site. They are essentially piece of data present underneath the connection of your item. It portrays the substance that your page contains.

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With the assistance of a powerful Meta description you can persuade the searcher to tap on your site. A large portion of the advertisers disregard to concentrate on this yet it can help you bring potential activity. It ought to likewise contain focused on and relevant keywords.

3 URL Structure

Url Structure is an important factor of On-Page SEO. It is highly approved to use search engine friendly URL for providing better crawling experience to users. In URL include targeted keywords and are well optimized perform better.

on-page SEO

Important points which should be considered in URL Structure are as follows

  • Permanent links – unique URL for each page
  • User Sitemap – contains structure of your website

4 Keyword Density

Keyword Density no doubt including relevant keywords in your content is vital however if you set too several, then search engines are probably to spam your web site. It is endorsed to keep your keyword density around 1.5% and it should be a mix of Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.

5 Image SEO

Images are most important to grab the attention of visitors. The website traffic can be definitely improved with the help of visual appeal. To optimize images for SEO you must include Descriptions and Alt Text in it.


Use focus keywords to your images alt text and one more thing large images slow down the speed of your site, so you should use compressed images increase user engagement.

6 Internal Linking

Internal linking is also one of the major aspects of SEO as with the help of it you can direct traffic to your other pages and posts too. Links in your blog posts that link the readers to your other post of your blog is referred to as internal linking.


Internal linking helps to ranking of your website effectively improves, as search engines find your content of useful piece of information. A great way to improve your SEO is by doing relevant interlinking.

7 Heading Tags

The content of your blog write should be in small paragraphs and sections. The tags given to these headings are called H1, H2 and H3 etc. Breaking your content helps you rank your website higher on Search Engine Result Page.

8 Word Count Per Post

If you want your content to perform well on search engines, then your posts should not be too short as it is considered to be less informative. A general blog should at least be of 700 words.

9 External Linking

External links are the links from other domains or websites. But the external links you put should be relevant to your content. You ought to do outside connecting to the trusted sites as it were. On the off chance that you give outside connections, then your site positions higher on web search tools.

On-page seo

You can pick Nofollow connect choice or less non-reliable locales, as it doesn’t permit internet searcher bots to take after that connection. What’s more, if the outside connection you are giving is from a confided in one, then you can utilize Dofollow joins.

10 Quality Content

Content is still king the most important aspect of SEO is that you should shave quality content. you should provide value to your readers with engaging content and user friendly content. When readers spend more time on your website that help your blog not increase bounce rate of your blog and so do your ranking.

In this way, in the event that you need your guests to thump on your doorstep, then advancing your site according to On-Page SEO is must. Join the previously mentioned elements to rank higher on Search Engine Results Page and increment the importance.

Top 10 On Page SEO Techniques For Better Ranking in 2017

We, at Abhiseo aim to help beginners and experienced webmasters to explore tips and tricks to improve website’s performance over social media channels by following relevant blogging sites, digital marketing strategies as well as SEO techniques. Here you can learn best online platforms Digital Marketing in Noida.

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