Vinyl Banner: The Secret to Effective Event Branding


Vinyl banners have been a great form of advertisement from ages and when it comes to site signage it’s, le meilleur.

Advertisers love vinyl banners because these are budget friendly and can be reused if designed correctly.  Best part about the vinyl banners is that the making process is less time consuming because one just has to choose a design and get the print. Some people call the banners deadline friendly too. There are many ways to use the vinyl banners but this piece of work will discuss why to use it for the propose of event branding.

Maximum visibility

Designers use very bright colors for the site signage habitually, for the maximum visibility.

So this pays well in event branding because world is full of advertisements already. There are posters and hoardings everywhere.

If you identify your audience and target areas wisely, nothing works better than the vinyl banners.

Just keep in mind that the banner must be full of catchy lines and is hanged or pasted in a readily visible place.


When you are doing preparations for any event chances are that you are running tight on the budged.

And the world of advertisement is quite expensive; vinyl banners are perfect for such situations.

The banners are cheaper than the LED boards, or huge hoardings and neon lights which means you will cover more areas for slighter expense.

Weather no bar

When someone is sketching a layout for any event, person’s primary concern is how to choose a more durable method.

Weather is a big hurdle for the advertisement. If it rains, it will ruin the electronic boards, and if it’s hot, then it may inflate the advertisement balloons.

However, vinyl banners Brisbane are parachute in situations like these, no matter if it’s windy, rainy, hot or humid nothing affects the banners.

Vinyl banners are made up of scrim and vinyl so, hence greater durability.

Customization: more you and less them

These printed banners allow you to customize every aspect of the advertisement, from the font to color to the background shades.

Merely by spending half an hour with the designer, you will get exactly the same thing you have in your head the advertisement of the event.

It is for the good because it fills you up with a lot of options just like LEDs but hanging LEDs everywhere in town is not possible.

Size matters

When it comes to the advertisement, size matters. To attract a wide range of audience, you need a bigger and broader display of your event.

But, bigger the display, higher the prices go, in such situations, vinyl banners’ cost-effectiveness comes handy.

You can get multiple gigantic banners under the coast of one good LED.

You can reuse these

There was a time when vinyl banners were one of the few means of site signage advertisement and were quite costly too.

But despite the costliness of banners, people were still choosing it over the alternates.

The reason behind that was, they are reusable, so people were using the same banners on average for at least five different occasions.

So, if you are planning to organize an event again in the future similar to the current, choosing vinyl banners is smart choice.

Closing note

These were a few points about vinyl banners that you should consider before choosing your mean of advertisement for site signage.

Branding an event is an important job and can be a demanding one too, hope this information may help you in the task.

Author’s Bio: Stephen Charles is a renowned blogger, passionate to share amazing and helpful information with people on multiple niches. He loves to share his experiences with healthcare, news, technology, and sports enthusiasts from around the world.