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Built from the important words of real consumers, a buyer persona tells you what prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh their choices to deal with a problem that your company resolves. Much more than a one-dimensional profile of the folks you would like to influence, or a map of their journey, actionable buyer personas reveal insights regarding your buyers’ decisions

Buyer Persona

In Search of the “Perfect Customer” The buyer persona starter questions.

Personal Info

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Children
  • Marital status
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education

Professional Info

  • Job Title / Role
  • Career path
  • Company / Industry
  • Company Size
  • Special Skills
  • What is a typical day like?
  • What tools might they use?
  • Who is their Boss?
  • Do they manage others?
  • How is their Success measured?

Goals & Challenges

  • What are their personal/career goals?
  • How do they prioritize them?
  • What challenges impact achieving these goals?
  • How could you help?
  • What questions do they ask when seeking solutions to these challenges?

Where are they?

  • How do they get information?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What media do they consume?
  • Do they belong to any associations?
  • What social media do they use?
  • Do they attend events or conferences?
  • Where do they spend their days?
  • Do they have relevant hobbies?

Values and Fears

  • What do they value in their personal or professional like?
  • What is important to them when considering a product like yours?
  • What objections might they have?
  • What drives their decision-making process?

Negative Info

  • Are there customers you don’t want?
  • Too difficult?
  • Too expensive to support?
  • Not enough budget?
  • Wrong industry?

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