Here below we had a great conversation with Nischay Pasrija, CEO of Current Repairs. Read the complete interview.

Q1) Hello Nischay! It is great to have you here. Firstly tell us a little insight about you for our readers?

Ans) Thanks for having me here! Well, starting from my career I am holding an Engineer’s degree (CSE) from Lovely Professional University. After my engineering I started my career in the domain of Digital Marketing and after working & learning for about 2 years in the industry now started my own venture in the name Current Repairs.

Most of our readers are unaware about your company ‘Current Repairs’ can you just elaborate about and what are the services you are offering?

Ans) Yes at Current Repairs we have a team of tech persons offering all sort of Digital Marketing Services to the brands, businesses & individuals. However, Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization are our USP’s.

Before we ask you about the technical aspects of your business one thing I would like to know is how hard it was for you to start your own company because you know in India how difficult is to start your own business endeavour. Can you just tell us how the whole idea of yours became a reality?

Ans) Yes you are absolutely right, there are two crucial factors to become an entrepreneur in India. Firstly it is your family, your parents plays a vital role in it. If they are supportive like mine ones you can become a successful entrepreneur one day. Secondly it is the cash flow that matters a lot in the beginning, no doubt you will be in debt. But slowly & steadily if you cope up with these 2 factors, you can achieve, learn & earn much more with just having a 9-6 job.

Every company has a long term goal like ten year down the line what will be there market capitalisation do you have the same for your company?

Ans) No absolutely not my focus will only remain on limited and timely deliverables on the projects by making a difference in the industry.

How you people are transforming the face of Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon/ India?

Ans) The major one is like every company we do not have a sales person nor we will hire in the future, because as we are into selling of the technical services and we believe no one can do this job better then a technical person of the same field. Hence no communication gap and it will result in better output.

What are the changes you think needs to be done so that digital marketing services can be admired more by the customers?

Ans) Now-a-days digital marketing services are admired and investment is done by most of the brands but sometimes some agencies are providing digital services which are fooling the clients for the work that can be done within 3-4 months and they are delivering it in around 10 months for retaining them as long as they can. If a company has hired a digital agency for faster time oriented result, but when there is delay it strongly affects the branding part and revenue.

What is the best advice you want to give it to the young entrepreneurs like you?

Ans) I believe entrepreneur are the ones who doesn’t need anybody’s advice and I will also suggest one should not take it any from anyone. Entrepreneurship itself is a think tank.
Suggestions and advises are meant for juniors or sub-ordinates who are at the learning stage in the job.

Last but definitely not least, if you need to define your company in few words what would these words be?

Ans) We simply define ourselves as the Digital Marketing Consultant with the best known name Best Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon.

Thank you so much Nischay! It was great talking to you.