Smart Marketing Strategies: Five Ways Social Media Helps Businesses


Five Ways Social Media Helps Businesses

“Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service—it sells an experience around your business.” -Rebekah Radice

Back in the day, traditional marketing was done through print or digital advertising with newspapers and television sets as mediums. Today, however, contemporary advertising is no longer limited to print or even digital media. In fact, some may even argue that these would be considered obsolete in a world dominated by social media. With a significant population of consumers spending their time online and on social media websites no less, business owners alike have taken it upon themselves to exploit the prowess of social media marketing.

In this regard, entrepreneurs have partnered up with a digital agency in Manila or elsewhere to refine their social media strategies and reach their target audiences better. But how does social media marketing really help your business? Well, here are some of the ways it does:

  • It helps get the word out

Majority of your prospective customers are spending most of their time on social media and you would be wise to take advantage of that by getting the word out about your business on that platform. Social media is excellent for brand exposure and recognition. Moreover, it helps you establish and cultivate relationships with your target audience which in turn could potentially lead to customer satisfaction. And what do satisfied customers do? They give you referrals by telling their friends and family about you.

  • Social media is popular

At the risk of sounding repetitive (and stating the obvious), social media is incredibly popular. You do not need to be an expert to figure that out. By extension, it is really popular among consumers—some of which could potentially be your customers in the future. Because of social media, even startup businesses can get the exposure they want simply by getting the word out on Facebook or other social media platforms. Indeed, most businesses would benefit from having a social media page. After all, if your potential customer base is already lurking there, would it not make more sense to reach out to them in the same place?

  • Social media is cost-effective

Traditional advertising remains to be more expensive than simply peddling your services or products on social media. Apart from that, social media allows you global reach as opposed to newspaper advertising and television ones which are constrained only to a particular location. In this regard, you would not have to spend so much just to reach more people, increase your audience and develop your business.

  • It reaches all ages and demographics

Today, the concept of an individual without a Facebook page seems highly unlikely—unconventional even. With this in mind, you are assured that even people as young as sixteen would already be on Facebook. Not only that, but quite a lot of adults also utilize the same platform. With this in consideration, it would not matter how young or old your target audience would be as there is a very likely chance they are already logging on and just waiting to come by your social media page.

  • It encourages two-way communication

Unlike traditional advertising where communication is mostly one way with virtually no feasible way for your target audience to provide feedback, social media is the opposite. Moreover, it actually encourages two-way communication wherein your target audience can offer suggestions, feedbacks and even insights about your product. In this regard, you can get to know your customer base better—without even needing them to contact you through snail mail or through phone.