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Website Planning & Creation

Website Planning & Creation – Website is the collection of webpages.

Web Hosting –  Web hosting is the process of uploading the web pages of the website on to the web server so or to market live over the internet.

Internet is chain of Networks 

Domain Purchase – Godaddy

Popular Domain Extinction are :-

  1. .com   – Commercial world wide
  2. – Commercial in india
  3. .in  – Restricted in india
  4. .info – Informational
  5.  .edu – Educational
  6.  .biz – Business
  7. – Commercial in UK
  8. .gov – Government
  9.  .org – Non- Profitable org

Four Steps why to designing a Website 

  1. Define the page/objectives for your business
  2. pool these pages under micro & macro Activity
  3. Define your web site Primary & Secondary Keywords
  4. Design blue Prints

a. Raw Blue Prints charts

b. Final Blue Prints

10 Page Define your website these pages are common every website

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. service
  4. contact us
  5. help
  6. search
  7. feedback
  8. our team
  9. blog
  10. login
  11. FAQ

Primary Keywords – Those keywords which define the nature of the business

Secondary Keywords – Those Keywords which define the product and services which you are offering

Website Planning & Creation –

Actual Blue Prints of your website 

Website Planning & Creation

Final Blue Prints of your website –

Website Planning & Creation
Website Planning & Creation


Website Planning 

Type of website

  1. Based on functionality
  2. Static website
  3. Dynamic website
  4. Responsive Website
  5. Mobile website

Based on Purpose

  1. Personal website
  2. Business website
  3. E- commerce website
  4. Search Engine
  5. Social Media
  6. Portal
  7. Blog
  8. Thread
  9. Yahoo answer

Define Static Website are –

Static website are those website which once upload/hosted on the web server are not open to change by the end of users. They are inexpensive to create but in the long run they do not prove to be cost- effective. They are created using simple <HTML> Approx cost / web page = Rs 500 to 700

Define Dynamic website are –

Dynamic website are those website which one hosted once the website are open to changes by the end users. They are more expensive to create but in the long run they prove to be cost effective.

Tip – CMS – Control Panel/Cpanel/content management system

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