The right way to do Keyword Research in SEO


Keyword Research is the most important part of the entire SEO itself.

Success in the SEO field, we must come to choose the right keywords.

Keyword research is the base of Search Engine Optimization.

All the techniques of SEO that are applied after the keyword research are done.

Let us know what this Keyword Research is?

Keyword Research is a process in which we, First of all, we try to find out what is related to our business, service or product, from which words, statements or phrases, people who enter (by searching) on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.)

After that, we choose the right keywords for ourselves based on search volume and competition.

We can also use different tools to find keyword research.

Let’s Start!

Keyword research has four steps –

1. Generating keywords ideas for your website.
2. How often is this word searched? Detection of search volume.
3. How competitive is this keyword – (Competitiveness of a keyword)
4. Select the right keyword

And in this article, we will cover step 1

How to find a keyword for your website?

Before generating keyword ideas, understand that your keywords are based on your niche and on your goals, which you want to achieve.

While creating keyword ideas, there is a need to keep an eye on Niche –

Niche in English means relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Every website or blog has to identify its niche (site related words).

Like my website is abhiseo niche SEO, Digital Marketing and all my content is related to this as –

What is SEO
How SEO words etc.

Now you have to do a little brainstorming to get keywords for your website.

Think about the related keywords related to your business.

Later we will also get help with available online tools.

First of all, people are searching in search engines to get answers.

For example like if I deal in shoes.

So my hard keyword is Shoes.

Maybe niche for me (i.e., body keywords) – men shoes, kid shoes, ladies, etc. or sports shoes, party wear shoes, casual shoes, etc.

I will create these ideas by creating bases.

With everybody keyword, I can generate my tail keyword –

Men Shoes

• Men shoes online
• Men shoe sale
• Men shoe size chart
• Shoes for men casual
• Shoes for men formal etc.

We should have given our attention here that we talked about three types of keywords –

1. Head Keywords

Which are single words. Like – Shoes or book etc.

These are some characteristics of these head keywords –

• They have a lot of search volume.
• The competition is also very high, and it does not even convert well.

This means if your website domain authority is not very high like – Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then do not select these keywords.

2. Body Keywords –

These keywords are usually made up of two words such as sports shoes or school books.

These are some characteristics of these body keywords too –

• These are a decent search volume on body keywords.
• The competition also happens on the medium level.
• The head keywords are comparatively more likely to convert them.

3. Tail keywords or long tail keywords –

These keywords use 2+ words means more than two words – men shoe sale or buy old school books.

The characteristics of the long tail keywords are very interesting –

• Their search volume is very low like – less than 1000 searches.
• Most people are searching only in the form of long tail keywords.
• This is the best-converting keywords.
• Ranking in the top 3 positions is easy to select and do these keywords.

AdviceIf your website is new then you should use a combination body and long tail keywords.

“Tips – Do not target long tail keywords for all pages of your website. Google Panda Penalties will be penalized.”

Let’s us now discuss using online tools for finding keywords.

In online many tools are available to generate keyword ideas like –, ubersuggest, answer public, etc.

But in this keyword research article I will tell you about the most important and useful tools and techniques.

1. Ubersuggest – Ubersuggest free keyword tool and it is also effortless to use. You have to put your main keyword in its search box, and it will tell you about many long tail keywords related to it.

2. is also excellent tools to find long tail keywords. Which this tool, you can see all the keywords you search on just Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and app store.

3. Google Auto Complete tool – This is, by using the Google Search bar, we can also look for keywords that people search for most on Google. Whenever we type something in Google’s Search bar, Google starts showing some suggestions related to the same topic. These suggestions are only high search volume keywords.

After following the above all the steps, you will have a list of niche related keywords for your website.

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