Viral Marketing Examples to Learn For Marketing


Nowadays, people tend to use the Internet to generate something viral. They can make a photo, video, and audio to go viral as long as it fits the interest of their network. The basic purpose of viral marketing is to entertain and make interesting content which can instantly trend over the internet. There are many videos and audios which can circulate quickly in a short period of time and the reason why this can happen is that there is something uncommon and unique which gets the attention of their audience and eventually share it to their friends.

First, we need to know what does Viral Marketing mean? It is an approach were businesses use social media as part of advertising their products. It also contributes a big help in reaching a wide range of consumers about the product’s information through the use of social media. Before word-of-mouth is the only way to spread out pieces of information and is only the foundation of this kind of marketing but due to our advanced technology, it is much easier to gain a lot of audience and consumers by using various social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They can use also E-mail, video sites like Youtube and Vimeo, and look for some web forums where you can start a conversation by posting a message on their online platform publicly.

Regardless of your content which you like to be posted and shared to other people, always remember that it should be something relevant and it should catch the attention of whoever sees it. In this way, people would share it a thousand times so that, a lot of people will possibly receive the message of your shared content.

How to implement Viral Marketing strategies?

A strong and effective viral marketing strategy is based on your knowledge in connecting with your target demographics and on how you will show to the latter your content’s value. The initial stage to have a successful strategy is to identify your product’s specific demographics. Analyze and make research on what factors do your target consumers want in most products. According to studies, information spread through mobile is a rapid way of sharing information all over the world. Approximately, it takes 90 seconds to reply in an SMS, 68 minutes to report a missing phone, and 70% of users tend to make a purchase while searching for information about a product.

When a company is already aware of what is their target demographic wants and also learns on how to connect with them, they can start to create a content which people are willing to share to other people.

Viral marketing is an interactive and continuous procedure. The company should learn how to adjust to the different needs of their consumers. They should be active in promoting a product over the Internet, update their website with new relevant product information, and make an interaction with the real people who are interested to try and use their product.

Here are some of the Viral Marketing Tips:

1.    Create a video content

Video content is an effective and easy way to make a product to be viral. People are likely to believe video contents maybe because most of them believe the saying: “To see is to believe”. Add a video which you think is eye-catching and worthy to be shared with other people. Use Vimeo, Daily Motion, or YouTube where your target audience and friends can watch and eventually can share it on their social media accounts. In this way, it will help your video to be quickly publicized not only on social media but also on different sites and blogs.

2.    Use copypasta as a marketing technique

Let me share a quick guide on copypasta strategy. We need to first know what is copypasta? It is a group of text that is copied and pasted for a number of times. It is already famous on different social media applications, forums, and even as a form of chain message going through an email to communicate with numerous users. Copypasta was first introduced in 2006 and now there are different types of copypasta with specific messages. They are messages which are replicated, sent, and shared comparable to a chain letter.

However, copypasta is kind of messages which are human generated despite the fact that users just see it as a type of spam message. There are various sites such as, Know Your Meme, wherein some of the typical features of the copypasta text blocks are shown. Just an overview, “Memes” are well-known online. By the use of various social media sites, Memes can be easily disseminated in just a blink of an eye. Since users only spend a short amount of time on a particular page online, the on-point messages that memes show are perfect for the users’ quick attention.

Copypasta is a type of memes which are not visual. It is normally a group of text which can be copied and frequently share to other users and different social media sites.

3.    Create an emotional interest

Applying emotional interest into your content is a great help for it to be viral. This is a very important factor in viral marketing. There is a lesser chance of going viral if emotional interest to other users is missing. But, the question is, how can you create this kind of content? Here are some quick points that you should know:

  • Users should feel delighted or excited after reading your content.
  • Love, affection, interesting thoughts and other factors that can catch the attention of users should be present.
  • Make creative and unique content. Users will tend to watch and share it if they found it entertaining and if it relates somehow to their everyday lives.
  • There is a high probability that it will be vital if you strike the appropriate emotion that should be applied in your content.