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SEO for B2B Businesses – 3 Tips to follow

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to get tons of organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Every business needs SEO. Once you optimize your website for SEO, you will get hundreds of free customers without doing marketing. These are people searching on Google every day and looking for new things to purchase. This would be very much useful when it comes to B2B businesses. Most of the small business owners will just run a Google search to find the best products or service according to their requirements.

SEO for B2B Businesses
SEO for B2B Businesses

This was all about why you need to optimize your website for SEO. Now the point comes, how can you rank your website to in the first page and get the most of the traffic to convert them into customers. For this, there are various SEO techniques, you can use them to rank your website on the first page by which more and more people will visit your website. You can go with Expert Joel House to do all of these techniques. We are talking about B2B business, so we will just focus on it. For doing any B2B business SEO, these are the 3 most important things that you should keep in mind while doing the SEO and creating content.

The Three Tips are – SEO for B2B Businesses

  1. Keywords and Meta

The first that will matter for every kind of SEO, whether it is B2B or regular business that you need to do SEO for is keywords and the meta text. People often make a mistake here by targeting simple keywords rather than long tail keywords.

For instance, if you are having a cabinet business. Instead of writing keyword as “TV cabinets, you should focus on “TV cabinets for luxury homes” or “Small size TV cabinets” or something like that.

This is because the one that is searching for TV cabinets are less likely to buy than the person who is searching for the exact requirement. Therefore, you need to do proper research on it and then keep the keywords accordingly.

There are various things that you will need to do once you set the keyword. Some of the keywords requirements are

  • Make sure your keyword has the proper density
  • You should include the target keyword in the title. It will more effective if it is in the first word
  • The meta description should also include a keyword
  • The URL for the page, commonly known as slug should also have a keyword in it
  • You must add images and the image alt tag should have that keyword

Once you follow all of these techniques, there are good chances that your website or the page will rank in Google. Along with this, don’t over-optimize with your keyword and always keep in mind that text content matters a lot. So, make sure your content goes in depth and covers everything that visitors needs to know about your product or your service.

  1. Local SEO

This doesn’t go for all the businesses but for the businesses that are focusing on the local customers should do this. Your b2b business must appear on Google My business. For that, there are certain conditions that you will need to follow in order to be eligible for that.

Your business must have a local address where you sell product or service physically. Along with this, your business must interact with the people one on one. These are two main requirements your business should fall in to do the Local SEO.

Here, the entire SEO and the number of customers you are going to get purely depends on some things. You must complete these things in a perfect manner.

  • Reviews matter a lot in local business and Google my business listings
  • Your listings must sound appealing and customers should know what you have to offer
  • There should be easy navigation

You might wonder, how can you make easy navigation in the local business. Well, they also offer a unique feature called “Book an appointment.” You can just add it in your listings. Your customers will easily find your business as you have completed the above steps. Now, when they will see it is easier to book an appointment or order anything. Most probably, they will send an inquiry to your email or website. You can then convert the visitor into the customer by showcasing your products or the service that you have to offer.

“People often neglect Local SEO and they shouldn’t do that at any cost” says Joel House Perth SEO. This plays an important role in B2B Businesses that have a physical store and also are selling their product or services there. Therefore, make sure you do all of these steps carefully.

  1. Responsive website and easy navigation

The one thing that matters a most when a user visits your website is the look and feel of the website. Your website should be the best in design with the proper color combination as well as easy to navigate. When a user visits your website they must feel it easy from going to one page to another. This will bring more views and hence, it will be more useful in terms of SEO.

Also, Google said in one of the updates that the websites that are mobile friendly will be given the top priority. 70% of the total visitors are from mobile phone and high-end devices. You need to take care of them properly.

Below are some of the main things that every website must have

  • Proper navigation menu with drop down
  • Call to action buttons for easy buying
  • Responsive design
  • You can also add AMP for your website

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Basically, all it does is remove the extra scripts that will slow down the website. It is pure HTML and CSS view of a website. This will be easy to load in the mobile device even in the slow internet connection.

This will not only help users for faster loading but even search engine will prefer AMP websites over the normal one. Therefore, adding AMP will help you to rank better in the search engine and will also benefit your users.

Author Bio: Joel House is a founder of Joel house search media. According to Joel House Perth SEO, Clients need quality to get the best ROI. He ensures that business owners get the best, fast and profitable results. He can be found on social media as well.